Warhammer 40,000 Universe: In thirty-eight thousand years, humanity has colonized much of the Milky Way, forming a massive empire known as the Imperium of Man. Unfortunately, due to various catastrophes, the Imperium is currently a stagnant, fascist, theocratic dystopia. The leader of the Imperium, a god-like being known only as the Emperor (who is worshipped by nearly all of mankind), is currently near death but is being kept clinging to life on the Golden Throne, which is basically an extremely advanced life-support machine. Those who currently run the Imperium are corrupt, fanatical or some mix of both. Racism against mutants, psykers (psychics) and xenos (aliens) are rampant, and it's not unheard of for entire planets to be destroyed because one Imperial citizen showed some sense of compassion to an undesirable. Technology hasn't progressed for thousands of years, and it's maintained by a cult known as the Adeptus Mechanicus. Humanity is under constant attack by various factions: The elf-like Eldar. The omnicidal, robotic Necrons. The voracious, predatory beasts known as the Tyranids. The bloodthirsty Orks... The list goes on, as literally something close to 2,000 alien species want to destroy, conquer or eat humankind. Even worse than the aliens, though, are the forces of Chaos, demonic beings from another dimension who want to make the universe their playground. Although humanity is defended from such outside threats by the super-soldiers of the Space Marine Legions, there are a finite number of them. As such, much of the fighting is done by the Imperial Guard, the Imperium's major fighting force. Despite being dressed in state-of-the-art body armor and armed with powerful weapons, the Guard is often woefully underprepared for many of the horrors that they face (For a real-world comparison, imagine a toddler going up against an angry elephant while wearing a t-shirt for armor and using a nerf gun as a weapon). This doesn't deter them, however, and the Imperial Guard has a surprising number of victories under their belt.   

Jeff: Jephrey "Jeff" Winger is a lawyer from the civilized world of Grindal. After being caught with a fake license, he was given a choice: Prison or enlistment in the Imperial Guard. Both options came with a high risk of death, but, Imperial prisons being what they are, Jeff decided to enlist in the Grindalian Imperial Guard. After several months in the service, during which he received a reputation for being able to get through deadly experiences without a scratch, he has managed to befriend a handful of fellow soldiers in his regiment. In particular, he has come to regard Annie as his closest friend (He's stating to feel something more, but he'd deny that if anyone asked him), and they often charge into battle side-by-side. He's counting the days until he can finally leave the force, but Jeff is also doing his best to make sure that his newest battle-buddies also survive to the end of their terms.
Annie: Annabeth "Annie" Edyson is a young socialite from the civilized world of Grindal. She grew up sheltered from the horrors of the galaxy, but she always had a strong sense of moral duty. When she reached adulthood, she finally learned about what was happening on other worlds. Horrified at the news of a nearby planet succumbing to a Tyranid invasion, Annie, against her parents' wishes, signed up to the Imperial Guard. Despite her harmless appearance, Annie has proven herself on the battlefield numerous times, packing a punch that belies her small frame and being an excellent shot with a lasgun. Unlike her close friend Jeff, who's just trying to survive, Annie genuinely believes in the Imperium's mission, and she's willing to do whatever it takes to help rid the galaxy of ferocious xenos, sadistic Chaos agents and any other threats to humanity, and she's not going to let her growing feelings for Jeff deter her.

Britta: Britta Peri is a street gangster from the hive world of Talyn. Her entire regiment was wiped out during a battle against the Khraves, and she was transfered to Jeff and Annie's regiment a month or so before they arrived. She attributes her survival to her upbringing in the Underhive of Talyn's capital city. Despite her lawless background, Britta has bonded with Annie over their shared sense of justice. Unlike Annie, however, Britta's moral outrage extends to the Imperium itself. This, coupled with her sympathy for mutants and other undesirables, has put her in hot water several times. Fortunately, her friends are able to keep her from exposing her leanings in front of important people, who would surely execute her as a traitor.

Troy: Troy Barnes was a novice skimmer repairman from the civilized world of Grindal. He joined the Imperial Guard on an impulse after a fight with his father. Hoping to prove himself a man, Troy has never truly regretted his decision, no matter how many fellow Guardsmen he's seen dismembered, eviscerated, broiled, crushed, skewered, decapitated...Alright, he regrets it occasionally, but then he remembers how proud his parents seemed when he left, and he thinks about his new friends, and the pity-party ends. Troy's been commended twice for exceptional bravery (The first time because he managed to bring down a Tyranid Carnifex with nothing but a malfunctioning lascannon. The second time, he rescued Jeff, Annie and Abed when they were being held hostage by Eldar pirates). He has been approached by the tech-priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus, who are impressed with his skills on machines, but he wouldn't turn down his buddies for anything.

Abed: Abed Nadir worked in his father's restaurant on the pleasure world of Scrantilla. From a young age, he was bored with having to serve haughty tourists all the time. Abed found an escape from his humdrum life through Viso-Plays at the theater next door. The films were exciting, thrilling and novel, and he loved them. For most of his teenage years, he had two dreams. The first one - becoming a director - he was sad to learn was unlikely, due to both his family's low income. The second - fighting aliens, just like his childhood big-screen heroes - was much more plausible. Due to Scrantilla's low number of recruits, Abed was placed in the Grindal regiment, where he became an expert sniper. He and Troy quickly grew attached at the hip, and Abed was delighted to have finally found not only one best friend, but six!

Shirley: Cherlee Benit is a member of the Ecclesiarchy from Holy Terra. She joined the holy order after her husband and three children were killed in an Ork invasion on a far-off planet while visiting her husband's parents. She hoped that this would help numb her grief. Currently, she's been assigned to the Grindal regiment in order to inspire them to battle. Like other Imperial Priests, she does this through preaching the holy word of the God-Emperor, providing spiritual comfort and often fighting alongside them. Unlike other Priests, Cherlee freely mingles with the Guard members when "off-duty". She'd even call a few of them her friends, despite the fact that a couple of them (namely Jeff and Britta) are dangerously close to becoming heretics. This doesn't bother Cherlee, though, since she has faith that she can bring them to the God-Emperor's light.

Pierce: Pierce Hawthorne is the Grindal regiment's poor excuse for a colonel. Having grown up in the Spires of the Hive World of Poth, he received the position due to nepotism. Despite his incompetence, though, Pierce has been able to at least get his troops through massive battles with a relatively low body count (Credit to any actual success in these battles goes to the Guard members themselves). He considers himself a friend to the above-mentioned six, and he is, to a point. The tight-knit group tolerates him, and occasionally feel affection for him, but his sexist, racist and homophobic remarks, as well as the fact that he's their commander, keeps them from truly letting him in.

A Discussion
Interstellar Location: The planet Arcadia, in the Elysia system of the Segmentum Solar.
Planet Type: Hive World.
Hive Location: Spires.

* * * * *

Corporal Jeffrey Winger felt uncomfortable and out of place in this lush, verdant park. He'd spent most of his life in barren, rocky surroundings, and the few truly civilized places he'd ever visited were nowhere near this nice. Even worse, the buildings around the park and the table at which he sat were all large, gaudy and seemed to sparkle like jewels (he wouldn't be surprised if they were actually made of jewels). Having grown up in the Lower Hive of Necromunda, Jeff wasn't used to this amount of splendor. He was even less used to hanging out with Imperial nobility, all of whom, while friendly enough, were anxious to ask him questions. Britta Perry, Pierce Hawthorne, Shirley Bennett, Abed Nadir and Troy Barnes seemed more self-aware than the others nobles up here in the Spires (although not by much, in Pierce's case), so he hoped it wouldn't be so bad. At the very least, the table had a lot of good-looking food for him to snack on.

"So, you're, like, Annie's bodyguard?" Britta asked, taking a bite out of a piece of fruit.

Jeff looked over at Annie Edison, the girl who he was supposed to be protecting. She was engrossed in her book, so she wasn't likely to be any help. He was going to have to do the talking. He sighed inwardly: He was great at grand speeches that could rile up an entire regiment of his fellow soldiers, and he wasn't bad at talking a girl into bed, but he had never had

"Uh, yeah. My Commissar is a friend of the Planetary Governor..."

"My uncle..." Annie said, briefly looking up. "...wants someone to hold my hand when I travel to Terra next week." 

"Exactly," Jeff said, smiling. Annie didn't like him much, but he was starting to like her. She wasn't afraid to speak her mind.

"You can't blame your uncle for worrying," Shirley chided. "Terra is a dangerous planet. Pilgrims and other outsiders are killed there every day. He just cares about you."

"I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself," Annie said, returning to her book.

"Still, it's cool that you've got a real Imperial Guardsman hanging around you all the time," Troy said, looking at Jeff with something like awe.

His friend, Abed, had never stopped looking at Jeff since they sat down. He asked, "What's it like, being a Guardsman?"

Jeff shrugged. "It's okay. It's not as exciting as the stories make it sound."

"I figured as much. I had a feeling that the Viso-Plays weren't realistic." 

"You ever kill anything, Winger?" Pierce asked, reaching across the table for a sandwich. "Or been in a major battle?"

"I've been in a few. Never on the front lines, though."

"You ever see any Xenos?" Troy asked. The others looked at Jeff intently, waiting for his answer. Even Annie seemed interested.

"A lot. In fact, my first battle was against the Tyranids..."

"The Emperor protects," Shirley whispered, clutching the symbol on her necklace. 

"How did you make it?!" Britta demanded. "I thought they never left survivors!"

"Lots and lots of shooting, that's how."

"How does that work?" Annie asked, finally setting her book down. "I've read a lot about the Tyranids, and the weakest of them are able to tear tanks to pieces! How is a Plasma Gun supposed to help?"

"Well, when you have a lot of them, it makes a difference. Besides, the purpose of those tanks are to keep the enemy from getting close."

"Anything else?" Abed asked.

"I helped some refugees escape the Orks once. I only saw a couple of the green bastards, and they were both dead, so that's probably not as exciting as you all were hoping...Oh, I helped bring down a Necron Tomb Stalker." 

"Awesome!" Troy said, punching the air.

"What about Chaos?" Annie asked. The others gasped, and Shirley clutched her necklace again, sending a quickly whispered prayer to the Emperor. "What? Saying the word isn't going to bring them down on us."

"I've had a couple of bad experiences with Chaos Spawn," Jeff said quietly. "I don't like to talk about it."

"Good idea, Jeffrey." Pierce said quietly, giving Annie a dirty look. 

Hoping to change the subject, Jeff said, "Hey, Annie, why are you going on a Pilgrimage, anyway? Why not just worship at the temple here?"

"It's not the same. I want the whole experience, maybe get a chance to see the Imperial Palace. Besides, I've never been off-world. This'll be a great chance to 'rough it'." 

Britta snorted. "Yeah, 'rough it'. You'll get your own private compartment on the ship, servants, a bodyguard, probably a nice hotel..."

"I'm not going to have any servants..."

"Whatever. The point is, you won't be really living rough. Do you have any idea what rough living is like? Ask someone from below." Britta gestured at the ground, and Jeff knew that she was referring to the lower levels of the Hive City.

"Excuse me, but I work for the Charitable Choir every weekend. I know that I'm privileged, but I'm not naive, and I'm not callous, either."

Annie was starting to get angry, and Jeff reached out and grabbed her arm. "Annie, you don't have to get defensive." 

She turned to him and seemed ready to speak before a massiv BOOM! tore through the air. The group looked up, stunned. 

The blue, clear sky was turning pink, with red stripes writhing across. A large, violet hole began to open in the sky, and strange, writhing shapes came through. 

"What is that?" Abed asked pointing. As the shapes got closer, and the details filled in, the group gasped in horror.

"Chaos Daemons," Jeff said hollowly. 

"Thanks a lot, Annie," Pierce said darkly.

Golden Throne-Imperial Webway

The Emperor:
A powerful psychic superhuman who is worshipped as a god by the majority of Mankind. He's (mostly) dead, with his body stored on Terra.


Evil beings from another dimension and their mortal followers.

Hive city

Hive City:
There are various types of planets. A Hive World is one so crowded that the cities are single structures. The higher you live in these Hive Cities, the richer and more priviliged you are. The people who live at the very top (the Spires) are the richest and/or most powerful citizens of the city.


Alien beasts that travel in massive swarms and eat all organic matter.

Necron Cover Art

Murderous robotic humanoids.  

Savage aliens who kill for fun.


Imperial Guard
: The Army. There's also an Imperial Navy, which runs the giant spaceships. The Imperial Guard just has infantry, tanks, planes and the like. 

Terra And Luna

Terra: Earth. It's basically a massive city dedicated to worshipping the Emperor and keeping him (somewhat) alive.

Lord Hax

Planetary Governor:
Every planet has a governor who runs everything on behalf of the Imperium. They're usually on the planet's surface but sometimes live in space stations above the planet.

Incident Report (Conclusion)
Jeff had no idea where he was. He had been driving the group to Morty's Steakhouse for the after-graduation party, there had been a flash of light and suddenly...he was here, wherever the hell that was.

The concrete cell that Jeff currently found himself in was completely empty. There wasn't even a bed or a chair around to break the grey monotony. Still disoriented from his sudden change of surroundings, he cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted.

"Hello?! Annie?! Abed?! Britta?! Anyone?!" His voice was absorbed by the walls, and he groaned and tried again. "Is anyone out there?! Any..." 

"Jeff?! Is that you?!" It was Annie's voice.

Confused, he looked around, and he was simultaneously relieved and embarrassed to spot a door on the other side of the room, painted so that it was blending in with the wall. There was no handle, but, as Jeff got closer, he could see a tiny peephole.

Looking through it and out into the prison-like hall, Jeff saw another door directly across. "Annie?" He called out.

"Yes! Thank God, are you okay?"

Her voice was muffled, but he was able to faintly make out what she was saying. "Yeah, I'm fine. What about you?"

"I'm good. Where are the others?"

"I...I don't know."

"What is this place?"

Jeff sought an answer better than a simple 'I don't know,' but he couldn't find one.

* * * * *

Both he and Annie searched in vain for an escape, but to no avail. They conversed, but their conversations were filled with mere empty platitudes, meant to be comforting but never quite succeeding. Most of the time, their thoughts turned to their friends. Where were they? Was it possible that they were fine, left behind while only Jeff and Annie were taken (at least, as fine as a person can be when they find themselves in a moving car that suddenly had no driver)?


Jeff looked up at the sudden noise, and he went to the peephole.

Two tall, grave-looking men, dressed in pure white suits, had opened Annie's door. One of them pulled out a long, cruel-looking needle.

"HEY!" Jeff pounded on the door as they walked in Annie's cell. Whatever was happening was hidden from his view, but, from Annie's screams, it wasn't good.

He desperately tried to kick the door to his cell down as her screams died away, but he only ended up with a sore foot. He looked out again, and saw a woman, also dressed in white, wheel a hospital bed into his line of sight. He watched impotently as Annie was placed on the bed and rolled away.

He took some comfort in the fact that one of the men was now bleeding profusely from a broken nose.

* * * * *

An hour or so passed, and Jeff's door opened. He stood up, ready for a fight. Unfortunately, even though he was tall and in great shape, he wasn't exactly a fighting champion, and they overpowered him easily.

It didn't help that there was six of them this time.

There was a sharp pain in his neck, and everything went dark.

* * * * *

The first thing he noticed when he awoke was a faint crackling sound. As consciousness returned, more sounds were noticed: A soft fluttering noise, electrical buzzes, the faint murmur of voices.

"...where will we place the blonde..."

"...these things running around, the Foundation will be too busy to come looking for..."

"...the old man's DNA rejected the..."

" able to trace them back to us? They..."

"Hey, this one's waking up!"

Jeff's eyes shot open, and he looked wildly around. He was in some sort of operating room, strapped to a table. A bunch of professional, doctor-looking people scattered around, one of them leaning over into his face.

Jeff's confusion gave way to fear. "Where the hell am I?! What did you do with my friend?!" He struggled wildly, and the scientist (or whatever he was) smiled sardonically.

"You're finally awake. Good. Now we can begin."

Two attendants began wheeling Jeff's table towards the door, and he continued to struggle. "Where are you taking me?!"

No one answered as they entered the next room, and Jeff fell silent as he saw what had happened to his friends. They hadn't escaped.

Abed lay in a fetal position in a large, transparent cage. He was completely naked, and his skin had a pale, pulsing glow. As the bed passed, Jeff saw that Abed's shoulder blades had long, bone-like structures sticking out of them. A feather grew out of one of them.

Troy was in a similar cage, and, for a brief, horrifying moment, Jeff thought that he was on fire. Actually, as they drew nearer, he saw that Troy's skin appeared to be flickering and waving like flames. "Troy!" he called.

"He can't hear or see you," one of the orderlies said, sounding bored as they passed the rest of the study group.

Britta was transparent, and she moved with a strange, liquid-like undulations. Pierce was impossibly large, huddled in the corner of his cage. Shirley was emaciated and appeared to glide above the ground, her legs slightly transluscent.

Annie was the worst: She didn't even look human anymore.

"You...You turned them into monsters," Jeff muttered, too stunned to feel much of anything.

"Naw, the transformations aren't complete yet."


"Aw, it doesn't matter. What does matter is that you're about to become one as well."


Formerly - Currently

1. Annie Edison - SCP-811

2. Abed Nadir - SCP-469

3. Troy Barnes - SCP-457

4. Britta Perry - SCP-054

5. Shirley Bennett - SCP-280

6. Pierce Hawthorne - SCP-082

7. Jeff Winger SCP-096


Annie stood in the middle of the forest clearing, and she picked up his scent several moments before she heard his footsteps. It wasn't a bad smell, not exactly, but it was clear why others in her pack referred to it as a "dead, pungent odor".

She smiled, turning around. "Nice of you to finally make it, Jeff." 

Behind her, Jeff shrugged. He was smiling as well, revealing his fangs. "It was harder than I thought," he said, walking forward. 

"Why is that?" Annie asked curiously as he went past her and sat on a nearby log. He made a motion for her to join him. She went gladly.

"Hunters," he said sardonically as she sat. "They're, for lack of a better word, patrolling the forest."

She gasped and looked around, almost expecting to see the glint of a pistol loaded with silver bullets somewhere in the trees. "Did they see you?"

Jeff laughed. "No. They're clueless, anyway. They talked to me earlier today, didn't suspect a thing."

Annie shuddered before clearing her throat and attempting to smile again. "Good. Anyway, I'm glad that you came. I had to show you what I found."

As she took off her bookbag and fumbled through it, Jeff stated, "Why did you have to meet me in secret? Why not just invite me over to your place?"

Annie scoffed. "Jeff, if there's one thing I know about my pack, it's that they're extremely nosey, and I...Ah, here we go!"

She pulled it out, and she heard Jeff's heartbeat quicken (Well, not "quicken", exactly, since his kind didn't have any use for a working heart, being undead and all, but Annie's sensitive ears could still hear it twitch in shock). 

In her hand, she held a small, copper sphere, about the size of a baseball. Carved into it was an intricate depiction of two wolves lunging at each other, claws out and teeth bared. As she turned it, other shapes were seen: Reptilian beasts (dragons), large and hulking behemoths (trolls), small and capering beings (goblins), and, hidden between what was clearly a manticore and what might have been a wendigo, was a tall, thin human-like figure with long fangs.

"That's it," Jeff said, his eyes wide. "May I see it?"  He reached out. Careful to avoid his claws, Annie handed him the ball.

* * * * *

Now, before the story continues, a little history lesson may be in order. While the reader may have inferred it by now, it bears stating: Vampires and werewolves exist.

Pretty much everything that people have heard about them is true, although there are some things that need to be explained.

First, werewolves are not bound by the moon. Their "shifting" is entirely voluntary, although they are not sapient while "wolfing", only being about as intelligent as a fairly smart canine. Also, when not in their wolf form, a lycanthrope is blessed with enhanced senses, hearing and smelling in particular. Otherwise, there is almost no way to tell them apart from a normal human. However, one give-away is the fact that werewolves often live together in packs, usually in a single apartment building or something similar. Another is that a werewolf's eyes will turn yellow if they are ever angered, frightened or sexually aroused (which is why, in public, lycanthropes tend lead very placid lives). Finally, the last way to notice a lycanthrope is the fact that they love meat. No matter what their diet before being bitten, a werewolf will begin to crave meat of any kind. In Annie's case, she usually keeps a package or two of raw hamburger in her backpack, so that she can have a quick snack.

Second, vampires, well, they aren't the romantic seducers that you may be imagining. No Pattinson clones here. While there are a certain amount of handsome or beautiful vampires, it's pretty much dependant on how he or she appeared before being bitten. No, these bloodsuckers, while pretty indistinguishable from a normal person during the day (Oh, yeah, they are completely fine in the daylight. In fact, they love the sun), are closer to werewolves than you'd originally think. An hour or so after the sun sets, their nails become long, jagged claws, their teeth retract into their gums and are replaced by shark-like fangs. They don't need to sleep, since night is when vampires are supposed to hunt. Thankfully for the human race, vampires are totally fine with regular food, and (nowdays anyway) they are able to resist their bloodlust. There are vampires who can go throughout their entire existance without biting a human, Jeff included.  

These two "creatures of the night" aren't exactly enemies - they're pretty civil to each other - but they don't associate much. Again, not enemies, but lycanthropes and bloodsuckers tend to stick to their own kind (until recently, when assosciation with humans became pretty much unavoidable). In fact, Annie and Jeff wouldn't be having this conversation if she hadn't been sniffing around Jeff's private hang-out, chasing after a juicy-looking chipmunk that had caught her eye. The fact that they became such close friends is nothing short of a miracle.

Anyways, back to the story.

* * * * *

Annie beamed as she watched Jeff examine the artifiact with something like awe. "Do you like it?"

"Yeah," he said. He looked at her. "Where did you find this?"

"Well, I didn't exactly find it. Our pack leader gave it to me. It's been in our den for years. She said that it was very powerful, and to not let it out of my sight."

Jeff looked down at the object again before handing it over to his friend. "She's right. Our own clan leader has told us about this thing for years."

"Do you know how it works?" 

He looked at her, eyebrow arched. "You don't? I thought that a bookworm like you would have figured it out by now?"

Annie blushed. "I'm sorry, but there's no instruction manual for these type of things. I'm just supposed to carry it with me."


Shrugging, she replied, "I don't know. She just said that she had a dream and that I should have it on me for awhile."

Jeff was about to reply when:

BANG! nbsp;A silver bullet passed between them and smashed into the tree behind them. Splinters of wood flew everywhere as two more flashed by their heads.

Both Annie and Jeff dove quickly to the ground as the air was filled with the lethal pellets, and Annie realized that the gunshots weren't so loud: They just seemed that way to her ultra-sensitive ears. 

A rough voice rang out. "Come on out, you furry freak!"

A second voice sounded. "Yeah, you damned hellhound!" There was a frenzied yodel and a new fusillade of bullets. "Bark and show us your snout!" Several more voices laughed, and Annie realized that they were surrounded by at least 10 or so...

Hunters. Damn it.

"What are we going to do?" Annie whispered. "They outnumber us!"

"We should just make a run for it."

"That might work for you, but these are silver bullets, and, remember, they seem to be after me, not you."

Jeff pursed his lips. "Maybe I can distract them while you get away? When they see that I'm a vampire, they'll probably forget all about you."

She looked at him incredulously. "Sorry, I'm not going to let you sacrifice yourself for me, and..."

"Well, well, well, a vampire and a werewolf hanging together! Well, this just warms the cockles of my heart!"

The two friends looked up, startled, into the cruel, bearded face of a hunter who had snuck up on them. He sprayed a mist of water into Jeff's face, and the vampire, who had started to rise, fell back to the ground, writhing in agony. The water had been mixed with garlic, and Jeff's face was blistering badly.

"Jeff!" Annie cried, crawling over to her friend. She glared up into the barrels of the hunters' guns, her eyes flashing a dark, baleful yellow. "You hurt him!" Her face lenghtened, and her teeth sharpened, and a fuzz of light brown fur began to grow on her skin. Her fingers curved inward, beginning their transformation into claws.

"Grab her," the bearded hunter said, and two pairs of strong hands gripped Annie's arms. They were encased his silver-lined gloves, and Annie roared (Literally, as her bestial side was starting to show) in pain. The hunters dragged her over to the leader, who had moved closer to the edge of the forest clearing. As Annie's transformation reversed, her canine whimpers changed to those of a human.

"We gonna kill them?" One of the hunters asked this in an almost pleasant manner. The leader nodded.

"I want its skin on my wall," he said.

That's when Annie, who was still holding the ball, felt a warm, pulsing heat in her hand.

* * * * *

One more thing that you should know: As much as a vampire and a werewolf are able to defend themselves, there are still moments when one may find themselves in a sticky situation. That's when the Orbs come in handy.

Several hundred years ago, a group of "creatures of the night" (Lycans and vamps weren't the only ones involved, although they're the only ones who are still around in the current day) came together. Humanity was starting to find ways to kill them, and the creatures needed some sort of defense. So, that's why this small congregation of beings, skilled in magic, began creating small, copper spheres endowed with enchantments that could render its wielder almost invulnerable whenever it was needed. It was hoped that, eventually, every family (Yeah, monsters have families) would have at least one. Unfortunately, only a relatively small number was made, thanks to (violent) human interference. One of these is currently in Annie's hand.

* * * * *

The heat grew hotter, and Annie winced. She heard the hunters laughing faintly, but she paid them no mind: Despite how hot the ball was, she felt no pain. In fact, she felt good. Wonderful! Euphoric!

"Hey, what's that glowing thing it's got..." One of the hunters began to say, before Annie began to change.

The sudden bulging of her arms startled the two hunters who were holding her, and they let go. Annie couldn't help but smile as she tranformed, watching the cruel faces of the hunters change into expressions of fright. She was only five-something in her human form, but she was now towering over them, and she knew that she probably looked nothing like a human anymore. 

Annie almost felt sorry for them, but then she remembered what they were going to do to her, and she caught sight of a wooden stake in one of their hands and remembered Jeff. She pushed the sympathy out of her mind.

Just before her animal side took over, she rumbled, "Bet I look like a hellhound, huh?" She swiped at them with her claws and fell on all fours. "You'd better run." (Actually, it was more like, "You'd beeeuurturrr rrrrrrrrAAAAARRRRRR!" but the sentiment is the same.)

In her present form, Annie was bigger than usual (On all fours, she was currently about the size of a Hummer), stronger than usual, invulnerable to silver, capable of regenerating wounds...

Add to that teeth and claws that were already capable of tearing through steel as if it was tissue paper...

Well, let's just say that the battle was a short one.

The ones who survived scampered into the forest.

* * * * *

Jeff awoke to Annie pressing a damp towel to his face. "What..."

"Shh. It's okay. They're gone."

"What happened? Are you okay?" He sat, wincing as he realized how much his face still hurt. The blisters were gone by now, but Jeff's skin was still red with the burns.

"Yeah." Annie smiled and removed the towel, placing it on the ground. She picked up the copper ball, and Jeff was startled to realize that she was covered in blood. Her teeth were stained red, and, although her hands had been washed in the stream nearby, he could see crimson stains on her fingernails. She was naked, and her clothes were torn to shreds nearby.

"I think I know how this works." She looked at him sweetly and held the ball out to him.

Deciding that this wasn't the right moment, Jeff didn't inquire further.

Mini-Fic Meme
1. Make a list of your 10 favorite Community characters.
2. Write a one-sentence fic of 25 words or less for every prompt, using the characters determined by the numbers. DO NOT read the prompts before you do step 1.


Prompt #1 - First Date, 04 and 06.

Prompt #2 - Angst, 07.

Prompt #3 - AU,  01 and 08.

Prompt #4 - Threesome, 03, 06 and 09.

Prompt #5 - Hurt/Comfort, 05 and 10.

Prompt #6 - Crack Fic, 01.

Prompt #7 - Dark Fic, 04 and 10.

Prompt #8 - Baby Fic, 05 and 09.

Prompt #9 - Fluffy, 02 and 08.

Prompt #10 - Death Fic, 01 and 03.

A Little Shipping Discussion
I've had this on my mind ever since that shipping meme I did a while back, and I thought that I'd ask:

What are your favorite ships, and why do you like them so much? During the meme, people could only really answer this question in broad strokes, so here's the chance to really advertise your favorite pairings!

So, list your favorites and explain what is appealing to you about them. Have fun!

Extra Credit: If you can, is there a great clip (for visual mediums) or snippet (for books and the like) from the work that you can quote or link to that represents your chosen pairing?


1. Jeff Winger and Annie Edison, Community.

Since most of you are from Milady_Milord (a shipping community for these two), I'm sure that you'll agree with me in liking this pairing. I wish that I was a good enough writer to properly explain what appeals to me about the Winger/Edison dynamic, but I'll try:

I guess what I like is that they're such total opposites (It's been used so often that it's become a cliche, the goody-good girl and the "bad" boy who's not really so bad) while also being so similar, particularly when it comes to ambition (The difference being, of course, that Annie is willing to work for her goals while Jeff wants to get by with the minimum amount of effort). Also, they're interactions with each other often bring out sides that are rarely seen. The sarcastic, smirking Jeff is surprisingly softer and nicer when around Annie. Likewise, Annie first started to loosen up around Jeff in season one, and, since then, has become a mature voice of reason that belies her young age.

If I have to choose a scene that perfectly represents why I support Jeff/Annie, it's the scene in "Urban Matrimony" where Annie convinces Jeff to look in his heart, where he sees Annie. Annie being a mature, supportive friend? Jeff revealing to the audience that he's a good, caring guy at heart? What more could I ask for?

A point of interest: I noticed the chemistry early on it season one, but I didn't start shipping them until the schmoopy "Look" in the episode "Romantic Expressionism".


2. Commander Shepard and Tali'Zorah nar Rayya, Mass Effect.   

I have a confession to make: I've never shipped anyone before I started shipping Jeff and Annie. The only thing that comes close is that I rooted for Jim and Pam on The Office, but only as a fan of the show and of the characters. I didn't ship them, per se. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), I may have caught the shipping bug from all my time at Milady Milord.

I recently played the entire Mass Effect trilogy over a couple weeks and loved it. Mostly, I loved its epic sci-fi storyline, its richly detailed setting and likable characters. However, I quickly found myself sensing chemistry between the main character, Commander Shepard (who I played as a male*), and a supporting character, Tali.

The dynamic in the first game is clearly supposed to be big brother/little sister, but it didn't really work. Clearly, the creators must have gotten the memo, because Tali becomes a romantic possibility in the second game**, and in the third game as well.  

What I really like about Shepard/Tali is the development of the relationship. In the first game, it's strictly platonic with a hint of something more, mostly in the fact that Tali clearly has a crush on Shepard. In the second game, the romance begins, and it's really sweet and awkward. By the third game, it's more, for lack of a better word, mature, with a bit of added drama to shake things up. They actually sort of remind me of Jeff (if he was a space marine) and Annie (if she was an alien), but I don't know why, since, other than the age difference, they really don't have that much in common. 

*You can customize Shepard's appearance, even choosing the gender.
**What is really nice about the series is that almost every pairing is possible when it comes to the main character, so the player can pair him/her with whoever they want, affecting the story, and almost every shipper has the chance to be placated. Wouldn't it be great if you could do that with TV? 
That's it, but I won't be surprised if another pairing catches my eye someday. Here's two videos that I like for each pairing:

1. I love this video. It's probably my current favorite Jeff/Annie fanvid. (A Delicate Thing - atsp88)

2. Clip from the final game: Tali is seriously wounded and needs to be taken off the battlefield. The last time Shepard saw her in the game that I played (but he survived the end, so, in my head!canon, he makes it to Rannoch and they reunite. I need a happy ending, dang it!) (Goodbye To Tali - genericHenle)


Your turn!

Halloween Horror Story (2/2)


"Oh, my God," Britta whimpered as the beast came to a stop ten feet away from them. It growled softly and continued to glare malevolently in their direction, and the group was able to get a good look at the creature.

It towered over the friends at about fifteen feet tall, and its tough, leathery skin was a dull shade of red. It had two powerful and muscular legs, like those of a dinosaur, and a long, lizard-like tail that repeatedly coiled and un-coiled. Its front arms were long and vaguely primate-like, with long, blade-like claws at the ends of its fingers.

Its face was like a mix between a crocodile and a shark, made even more explicit by the yellow, reptilian eyes and the long, slender jaw filled with jagged, yellow teeth. The monster sniffed the air briefly, and seemed to be briefly distracted, glancing upwards.

Jeff gently pushed Annie, and glanced significantly at the others. It was clear to all of them what he meant: Run.

As one, the friends turned and bolted back down the path, back toward the dock. Too terrified to scream, their breath came out in ragged gasps.

There was a ferocious roar behind them and the sound of thudding footsteps.

"It's chasing us!" Troy cried. 

Jeff looked back briefly and caught sight of the creature quickly gaining. He let out a hysterical laugh. "I can see that!"

Without thinking, he reached out to both sides of him, grabbing Annie and Abed's arms. He shoved them forward. "Keep running!"


Higgins watched the chase on the monitor. "The Whore is falling back."

Martin nodded gravely. "Ready the trip-wire."

Higgins pressed a tiny red button on the keyboard in front of him.

Up on the forest path, a tiny, silver wire lay in the path, heavily disguised by the dirt.


The monster was gaining, but Annie thought that they were gonna make it. They were almost at the dock, and the beast was far enough back that they had time to get in the canoes and get away from the island. "I hope that it can't swim!"

Suddenly, she heard Britta give a sharp scream. She looked back and saw that her friend had tripped. The blonde lay sprawled on the path, struggling to get back on her feet. The monster was rapidly closing in.

"Britta!" Annie slowed down, planning to stop and help her. Jeff grabbed her arm, pulling her away and, even as she hated herself for it, she saw that he was right. The creature was too close. 

She turned away, trying to block out Britta's screams as she ran. 


Martin winced at the Whore's gory demise, nearly gagging when a piece of her flew from the Apex's jaws, splattering against the camera's lens.

Higgins, on the other hand, cackled with glee. "Awesome!" He pulled out a candy bar from his pocket and tore open the wrapping. "I knew that the big boy would come through for me!" He took a huge bite.

The older man looked at his partner, his disgust evident on his weathered face. "How can you watch something like that and enjoy it?"

His younger partner rolled his eyes and took another chomp of his candy bar, flecks of chocolate sticking to his face.

Martin shook his head and looked at the screens. "They've reached the docks."

Higgins chuckled. "Haven't they got a surprise, huh?"


Jeff felt like he was going to pass out when they finally reached the dock. For a brief, terrifying second, he thought that the boats were gone, but then he saw them, still tied to the same place.

He finally slowed down, his feet thumping on the wooden panels, and the others followed his lead.

"Is it...Is it following us still?" Annie stammered.

Abed glanced back at the forest. "It doesn't look like it."

Troy looked numbly at his feet. As Jeff worked to untie the canoes, Annie went over to him and gently touched his shoulder. Abed shuffled over, as well.

Troy looked up. "We left her. She fell, and none of us went back."

"None of us could have done anything," Jeff snapped as he finished untangling the second rope.

A heavy silence fell over the four friends.


"Ugh, this is boring!" Higgins whined. He stood. "Get me when something good happens."

"Where are you going?"

"Getting another piece of candy from the vending machine."

"You've had enough."

"Whatever. Just destroy the canoes." With that, he left.

With Higgins safely out of the room, Martin muttered to himself, "Little fat shithead." Looking at the screens again, he pressed a few more buttons.

Hidden machines in the lake began to stir. Suddenly, long, sharp spikes suddenly shot up from the lake floor below the canoes, puncturing them. 

As she began to climb into the boat, Annie was startled by a sharp punching noise. Water began to rush over her feet.

"Oh, God! No!" Jeff cried out as the boats began to sink

Annie quickly scrambled out as their only means of escape disappeared beneath the shallow water.

"What are we going to do now?" Jeff said, clearly unable to tear his eyes away from where the vessels used to be.

"What happened?" Annie asked, confused.

"Maybe they...hit some sharp rocks?" Abed guessed, clearly unsure.


"Does anyone have a cell phone?" Abed asked.

Jeff started, and then he reached into his pocket.

"There's no service. Well, that's just GREAT!!!" He punctuated his shout with a wildly exaggerated punch into the air.

"Uh, guys?" Troy said, finally speaking again. "I think we should get out of here."

The group looked back at the woods, where the creature stood, watching them, its teeth stained red.

When it charged, the friends did the only thing that they could think of: They jumped into the water.


"What'd I miss?" Higgins said as he came back in, eating from a bag of Skittles.

"The Apex came back. They jumped into the lake."

"Cool." Higgins threw his head back and dumped the rest of the candy into his mouth. "Are the nets ready?'

"Of course."


To the group's dismay, the monster followed them into the water. Apparently, it could swim.

Jeff had no idea what they planned to do. There was no way that they could swim all the way back to land.


Below them, a small machine popped out of the lake's floor. It aimed upwards, and it shot out a small net. The tangled webbing wrapped around a pair of flailing legs, pinning them together.


Troy suddenly couldn't move his legs, and he briefly sank below the water. Using his arms, he broke the surface and uttered a strangled cry for help. Before he sank under for a second time, he looked back and saw the beast coming closer, looking like a red crocodile. It was pretty far away, but...

When he came up again, he was relieved and overjoyed to see the others coming back for him. Abed was the closest.

He reached out for his friend, and Abed grabbed his hand. For a moment, everything seemed alright.

Neither of them noticed the monster suddenly surge forward, closing the last few feet at an astonishing speed. Neither of them felt it when the massive jaws closed over them, killing them instantly.

* * * * * * * * * *


"Okay," Martin said. "That does it for the Scholar and the Fool." He watched as the two remaining survivors struggled in the water. "That just leaves the Athlete and the Virgin."

The two men were silent as they watched the Apex swim back to the island.

"So, what? We just leave them to drown?" Higgins said after a minute, gesturing at the screens. "That seems...anticlimactic."

"Whatever happens, happens. They might turn back to the island. There's no way that they'll make it across."

"Why didn't we put a forcefield up, just to be sure?"

"The lake is big enough. Besides, you can't hide a forcefield in a body of water. It'd be clearly seen, even from far away."

"What are we gonna do?"

"We wait."


Jeff and Annie treaded water, watching in silent shock as the creature climbed back onto the beach and stalked into the forest.

"They're dead," Annie said tonelessly. "It's just us now."

Jeff didn't reply. He closed his eyes, treading in silence. When he opened his eyes again, he looked around. "What do you want to do?"

The mainland was pretty far away. It didn't seem like they could make it. They might have to go back to the island.

However, they both knew what was waiting for them on the island.

"Uh, let's..." Annie paused and swallowed hard, images of Troy and Abed and Britta's mutilated remains flashing through her mind. "Let's try to get back to the mainland."

"You sure?"

"Yeah." She smiled weakly and briefly. "I'm a great swimmer. We'll make it."

Jeff nodded. "Okay. Let's try." He held out his hand, and Annie slipped her hand into his.

Wordlessly, but taking comfort in each other's company, they headed towards the direction of safety.


A half hour later, Higgins and Martin were packing up and getting ready to go.

"Well, that was fun," Higgins said. "Can't wait for next year."

Martin grunted.

"I'm surprised that Edison managed to keep her head above water for so long. After Winger went under, I thought for sure that she'd go quickly."


"I've gotta go tell the wranglers to get the monster and put it back in its cube, so..."


"...Yeah. Anyways...good night." 

After Higgins left, Martin found himself alone in the room. He looked back at the screens, and stared at the lake. He sighed heavily, turned out the lights and left.

Halloween Horror Story (1/2)

"It's too bad that Pierce and Shirley couldn't come," Annie said as she unbuckled her seatbelt. "It just won't be the same without them."  

Jeff rolled his eyes and briefly glanced askance at her. "Really? You're going to miss Pierce's special brand of humor?"

Annie shrugged. "His jokes aren't so bad..."

"Oh, sure. Hilarious," Jeff snorted. He opened his door and stepped out. "Why did we have to go camping anyway?"

"We'll have to ask Britta, if we can find her."

She gazed around the campsite's crowded parking lot, searching for Britta's beat-up sedan.

After five or so minutes of waiting, Jeff sighed and looked at his watch. "You know, we should really just start looking for them."

"You don't think that they've gotten lost, do you?" Annie asked, her blue eyes shining with worry.

"Of course they got lost," the former lawyer said, laughing. 

The brunette looked at him with disapproval, but she agreed to the search. 

It took twenty minutes of walking around the absurdly large area, but Annie finally caught sight of a confused-looking Britta, Troy and Abed. "I see them!"

Annie raced across the lot towards the trio, Jeff sauntering behind her. 

* * * * * * * * * * 


"Britta, how could you have gotten lost? You were right behind us!" Annie exclaimed in disbelief. 

"These two idiots kept distracting me the entire time!" Irritated, the blonde smacked Abed with her backpack. Troy immediately came to his friend's defense:

"Hey, you were the one who wanted to play '20 Questions'."

Abed hummed his agreement. "It's not our fault that you didn't know what a Snarling Lion is."

Britta huffed angrily. "I said that I gave up. There was no need to keep badgering me for the entire trip! You made me miss the exit!"

"Okay, then," Jeff said, hoping to diffuse the tension. "...where exactly is this place?"


It turned out that their campsite was actually in the middle of a private island out in the center of the nearby lake. Britta had won some dumb contest she found on-line (which apparently involved writing an essay describing herself and her closest friends), and the prize was a week-long stay on the "beautifully forested" Cunningham Island. Jeff had been imagining a tranquil place with gorgeous scenery.

That wasn't what he saw.

"That's Cunningham Island?" He tried desperately to keep the disappointment out of his voice, but he didn't do a very good job.

"It looks like a nuclear wasteland," Abed said.

He was right: The island was full of trees, all right, but they were all bare and ugly and, even from this distance, the five friends could tell that they all looked dead.

"Come on, guys, it's an adventure!" Britta looked at Troy, silently pleading for him to speak up.

"Uh...Yeah! It'll be like Castaway!" Troy smiled at Britta brightly. When she looked away from him, however, his smile faded. "...If Tom Hanks was trapped on the grossest island ever," he muttered.

Annie sighed. "Well, we've got our stuff, so we should find a way to get there."

"Do you folks need a lift?" The group jumped as a withered old woman waddled past, glaring at them from underneath a protruding brow. "I take it yer going to the island?"

Annie was the first to regain her composure. She walked up to the stranger. "Yes, ma'am. Do you know of any, I don't know, ferrys or something?"

The woman stopped and pointed at a small shack nearby. "Mr. Kimble rents out canoes. He'll help you get across."

"Thank you," Annie said, smiling brightly while feeling slightly nervous under the hag's gaze.

The woman looked the five friends over. "You youngsters have heard about what's happened over at that island, right?"

Abed, who had been scrutinizing the woman, suddenly perked up. "What's happened?"

The stranger chuckled darkly. "Five years ago, there was a killin'. Seven campers, all dead. Some say that they were torn to pieces. Blood everywhere." She seemed to relish the thought. "The authorities don't know who or what did it. They never found out."

Troy and Abed inched closer to each other. Abed spoke again. "Has anything happened there since?"

"No. Don't mean that the person..." She said the word with a certain emphasis, as if she didn't believe that a human being was really responsible. "...isn't still there..."

Annie cleared her throat. "It's alright, I'm sure that it's all been cleared up by now. So, thank you for your help, Miss."

As she started to turn to head back to her friends, the woman grabbed her arm. Not extremely hard, but hard enough to keep her from pulling away quickly.

"You seem like such a nice girl," the hag said, and Annie saw that she had very few teeth. "I'd hate to think of something bad happening to that pretty face..."

Jeff quickly rushed forward, pulling Annie away from the old lady's grip. "Okay, that's enough. Thanks for the tip about the canoes. Now go away."

The lady sneered and shuffled away, and the group crowded around Annie.

"That was weird," Britta said.

"Yeah," Jeff agreed. He looked at Annie. "You okay?"

"Oh, yeah. She just startled me."

"This is like the beginning of a horror movie," Abed said. 

Jeff wasn't feeling in the mood to humor his friend: "Abed, this isn't a horror movie."

"Five friends, the week before Halloween, deciding to go camping on a creepy, dead-looking island where a gruesome massacre was perpetrated years ago? On top of that, the 'scary old person who warns the protagonists of their impending doom' is a horror film staple."

Troy looked over his friend's shoulder at the island. "True, but this is real life. Not a scary flick."

"That's what the characters say at the beginning of every scary movie."

Britta had had enough. "Let's go get the boats. You guys all know how to row, right?"

Jeff glanced back at the trashy-looking island, and then he looked at his blonde friend. "Britta, we can just call this whole thing off. You know, maybe stay in a hotel."

Annie nodded. "Good idea. I didn't like the idea of playing hooky for a week anyway."

Britta huffed in disappointment. "Fine."

"Good idea," Troy said. "I'm not in the mood to go camping anymore, anyway. Not after her."


Speaking of her, the old woman had shuffled far enough away that the group didn't notice her, but she could still hear what they were saying. 

"...I thought I saw a nice looking place a few miles from here. We can stop there." Edison was saying.

"I hope they serve lunch. I'm starving," Winger replied.

Panicked, the woman removed her false teeth (revealing a perfectly healthy mouthful) and pulled out a walkie-talkie from her pocket.

"Martin! Higgins! Pick up!" Her voice was younger-sounding as well. A close inspection of her face would reveal that the wrinkles and forehead was merely makeup and prosthetics. Her grimy hair was merely a wig. 

A voice answered on the other end. "We know, we heard."

"What do we do? They have to get to the island!"

"Don't worry. The Chem department installed some of that mind-control crap in their cars. Everything'll be fine."


When Jeff got back into the car, he smelled something odd. Sort of like vanilla, if it had been mixed with chlorine. "Annie, you smell that?"

His friend sniffed the air. "Yeah, I don't know..."

She continued to speak, but Jeff wasn't listening. He suddenly felt light-headed, almost drunk. He couldn't drive, not feeling like this. 

As a thought occurred to him, he broke into a smile. Why couldn't they just go camping? They could stay in a hotel on the way back. After all, this was an adventure, like Britta said. Jeff began to feel positively giddy. He turned to Annie and was delighted to see that she was smiling too. 

* * * * * * * * * * 


That giddy feeling vanished from all five of them by the time they were halfway to their destination, and it was really too much trouble to turn back (Rowing is a lot harder than it looks!).

After tying their boats to the dock, they walked up the trail, looking for a good place to pitch their tents.

As they walked, Annie looked up at the trees and shivered. Even though it was only a few minutes past noon, the branches made it seem really dark. She was never exactly "afraid" of the dark, but, come on, who likes it? 

Speaking of the branches, the more she looked at them, the more they seemed like malevolent, skeletal fingers reaching for her. She shuddered again and looked down at the ground, finding the dead leaves lying in the dirt somewhat comforting in their normality. 

A bird of some kind hooted loudly nearby, and she nearly screamed. She stopped walking, and Jeff walked into her.

"Ow! Watch where you're walking, Edison!"

Annie looked up at him, ready to yell at him for being insensitive (Couldn't he tell that she was nervous?), but stopped when he smiled down at her. "Sorry."

"It's pretty creepy, right?"


Jeff started to take off his jacket, but, as Annie suspected, he seemed to change his mind and offered her his hand instead. "Milady?"

She smiled and took it. "Milord."

"Hey, you guys gonna be mushy all day?" Britta called over her shoulder. "Come up here, Troy and Abed found something!"


Jeff didn't know what to expect - probably some type of bug or maybe an interesting rock. What he didn't expect was a large, run-down looking shed just off the trail.

"Cool, right?" Troy asked, grinning.

"Uh, it's a shed," Jeff said, not knowing what was supposed to be so special.

Abed and Troy looked at him with something like pity.

"It's the perfect fort!" Troy said condescendingly.

"Perfect for tetanus," Britta mumbled.

Abed shook his head, and he then stepped off the path and walked up to the structure, opening its door. "We aren't going to stay in it. It's just interesting,"

"Weren't you just going on about how we're all in a horror movie?" Jeff demanded. "I'm pretty sure that entering a creepy..."

Abed interrupted him. "Guys! Come look!"

The group reluctantly (save Troy, obviously) came over and peeked inside the structure. Troy gasped. "Wow, look at all this cool stuff!"

"It's just a bunch of junk," Britta said, taking in the random mish-mash of crap strewn about the place.

"I dunno," Annie said. "I think it's kinda cool."

It was true: It wasn't merely junk. It was interesting junk, and, as the group entered the room, there was something that interested all of them.

Over here lay a ridged metal ball that gave Jeff an odd feeling as walked over and looked at it. Over there was an enormous seashell that fascinated Troy. Britta was interested in a quartet of creepy white masks that hung on a hook near the door. Abed seemed torn between examining an old-fashioned movie projector sitting on a small table by the window and investigating an old, forbidding-looking book.

For her part, Annie adored a beautiful jeweled necklace that was resting on a cute little music box.

She asked, "Who do you think this all belongs too?"

Abed shrugged as he inspected a small circus drum on the floor. "Maybe it's just stuff that's gotten lost. Park rangers have to come here sometimes, right?"

"Look at this!" Troy shouted as he picked something up. The others looked over at him, and they saw that he holding a large, egg-shaped stone. "It's some time of prehistoric dinosaur egg or something!"

"Who would lose a fossilized egg?" Jeff asked, bewildered. "Maybe it's just a rock."

None of them noticed the tiny video camera monitoring them from the corner.


A few stories below the ground, two men sat in a white room filled with computers and various monitors, watching the group as they inspected the fossil. Behind them, three technicians fiddled with various buttons and dials. The older of the two men (with a nametag that said MARTIN) leaned back in his seat, looking pleased.
"They picked the egg."

The younger man (HIGGINS) pumped his fist in the air. "Awesome! The Apex is my favorite monster! Can't wait to see it in action!"

Martin rolled his eyes. "Please. The best monster is the Giant Snake."

"No," a technician interrupted. "It's the Alien."

"You're all wrong," another technician said. "It's the Killer Robot."

The third technician shook his head. "I'm torn between the Blob and the Wraith, myself...or maybe the Dragonbat."

As the argument continued, Martin started the procedure to release the monster. Higgins noticed and grabbed his arm.

"What are you doing? Aren't we supposed to wait until it gets dark? You know, build it up?"

"Remember what happened last year at the cabin facility? The folks downstairs decided that we aren't gonna waste time with atmosphere and archetypes and all that shit. They gave humanity another chance, but only if we get right to the blood and guts."

* * * * * * * * * *


"That's pretty cool," Britta said. "Is it from a dinosaur?"

"Probably," Annie replied.

Jeff looked around the room. "We'd better get going. This is cool and all but I don't think that we're supposed to be in here."


As they left the cabin, Jeff felt a sudden chill in the air. He looked up at the darkening sky.


“Hey, Jeff?”


“What is it, Annie?”


“You ever get the feeling like you’re being watched?”


He looked at her quizzically. “What makes you say that? Do you feel that way now?”

She shrugged. "A little."

Feeling a bit protective, Jeff, without thinking, put his arm around her shoulder.

"Don't worry. Everyone's here. What could possibly happen?"

Almost on cue, a deep, rumbling roar emanated from deep within the forest. They all jumped, and Britta gave a sharp scream.

"What the hell was that?" she demanded.

Before any of the others could reply, a large, dark shape crashed through the forest trees. There was a second, louder roar as Jeff caught sight of a set of sharp, yellow teeth and a pair of blazing green eyes. 

Too shocked to react, the friends watched in stupefied horror as the monster stomped onto the path, eyeing them hungrily.
NEXT, IN PART II: The monster pursues the group through the forest, while Martin and Higgins do everything in their power to ensure that the friends die in the proper order.

Incident Report 3/8

SCP Involved: SCP-413

Date: November 3, 2011.

Location: Denver, Colorado.

Subjects Involved: Jeffrey Winger, Ann Edison.

Description: Mr. Winger and Ms. Edison both attended a party at an apartment complex in downtown Denver and were the first to leave. Both subjects had parked their cars in the nearby SCP-413, in hopes of protecting them from potential thieves.

Ms. Edison had borrowed a video camera from one of the party hosts and was testing it out at the time of their encounter with the SCP. Below is a transcript of the events that transpired:

AE: (An upside-down image of Edison's face appears)...this thing on? I can't...Oh, there's the light! (The camera shows the interior of SCP-413.)

JW: (Offscreen) What are you doing, Annie? (The image shifts, showing Winger standing nearby)

AE: Abed said that I could borrow his old camera. (The image shakes as Edison fiddles with the device) I just have to return it within a week, because they need a second one to film...

JW: (Laughs) What, another Kickpuncher "fan-film"?

AE: Inspector Spacetime, actually. They're really into that now.

JW: We've gotta thank Britta for...(Winger begins to walk forward but hits his head on a low-hanging pipe) Ow! Damn, where did that come from?

AE: Oh, my God! Are you okay? (The camera's view dips lower, showing the floor. It is worth noting that, on a nearby wall, the graffiti that originally read "COLDPLAY RULES" now reads "WATCH YOUR STEP, DOOFUS".)

JW: Barely felt it.

AE: Well, let me look at it. (The camera now begins to swing by its strap. Edison has apparently let go of it.) Ooh, ouch. Let me take you back to my place.

JW: Uh, what?

AE: So I can put iodine on it, and apply ice. Why'd you freak out? (Laughs) What did you think I meant?

JW: Nothing, nothing. (Silent for a moment) You really know your stuff. You'd make a good nurse.

AE: Thank you. Actually, the other day, a guy got stabbed outside my building...No, don't worry, he's okay...but I got to apply a tourniquet and everything!

JW: What are you still doing there, Annie? You have to get the hell out of that place.

AE: You don't have to treat me like a...

JW: I...I know, but...I can't help but worry about you. You're important to me. (The subjects move closer together. There's a slight grinding sound from off-screen and Edison screams)

AE: Look! (She lifts the camera and aims it at the graffiti from earlier, which now reads "KISS HER". The camera more-or-less remains in this position for the rest of the recording, with both subjects offscreen.) It changed! I saw it! The graffiti changed!

JW: Annie, what are you talking about? (The graffiti changes again, the letters shifting and morphing on the wall until it reads, "YUP I SURE DID") Oh, shit!


JW: What the fu...What the heck is going on?!

AE: (Overlapping) So, I'm not hallucinating? Is this a dream? Jeff, what's happening?!


AE: (Taking deep breaths) Okay, before we answer, you've gotta answer our questions first...We'll take turns...Oh, God, this is insane...


JW: What are you?!


JW: Because...We're too different. (Edison audibly snorts) Our turn: Just explain all of this.


AE: Oh, is that all?


AE: There's more to it. It's too complicated for you to understand.


JW: No! That's not what she meant! She just meant that...


AE: Well, yeah. We're friends.


(Both of the subjects are silent)


JW: Okay, slow down. With your lack of punctuation, I'm having a hard time following...(A moment of silence. Then, more subdued:) Oh. Okay.


AE: What makes you say that?


AE: (Sniffles)


AE: You can't create a relationship with a minute-long conversation, Parking Garage. (A moment of silence, then both subjects laugh quietly.) Besides, we're still trying to wrap our heads


JW: What?


JW: Then, what is it?


It was at this point that Foundation agents intervened. The tape was confiscated and both subjects were given Class-A amnesiacs and released. SCP-413's nefound willingness to communicate with civilians, along with its actions involving vandals (See Addendum 2 on the SCP's maine page) have caused the Foundation to upgrade the containment procedures to its current state.

Incident Report 2/8

SCP Involved: SCP-008

Date: October 31, 2010.

Location: Denver, Colorado.

Subjects Involved: The staff and faculty of Greendale Community College.

Description: Containers holding degraded samples of SCP-008 were found among the foodstuffs available at a Denver army surplus store. The recovery team was able to retrieve all but one of them, which had been purchased by the Dean of a local junior college in the Greendale neighborhood.

The recovery team was able to track down the buyer over the phone, and, posing as members of the US military, managed to contain the outbreak with no loss of civilian life. All subjects involved were dosed with Class-A amnesiacs and released with a cover story.

It is interesting to note that, according to eyewitness testimony, this particular strain of SCP-008 differed from others in that:

A. It progressed much faster than usual, damaging its sufferers' cognitive abilities within a half-hour.

B. One of the major early symptoms (Coma) is skipped entirely, although the others remain intact.

C. The condition can be reversed by cool temperatures.
It is assumed that the severely degraded condition of the virus samples is what led to the above changes.

Addendum: Further study of the containers and their contents has uncovered hints that this may have been an attempted biologcal attack by the Chaos Insurgency. Motive is unknown as of this time.  
Explanation: SCP-008 is your run-of-the-mill zombie virus.

The Chaos Insurgency is a splinter group of the Foundation that gives funding to Third World dictatorships and terror cells for its own benefit, using the chaos and poverty caused by these organizations to perform radical experiments on civilians without being noticed, as well as an easy access to mercenaries and a cover for shadowy business deals with other factions.


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