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Mini-Fic Meme
1. Make a list of your 10 favorite Community characters.
2. Write a one-sentence fic of 25 words or less for every prompt, using the characters determined by the numbers. DO NOT read the prompts before you do step 1.


Prompt #1 - First Date, 04 and 06.

Prompt #2 - Angst, 07.

Prompt #3 - AU,  01 and 08.

Prompt #4 - Threesome, 03, 06 and 09.

Prompt #5 - Hurt/Comfort, 05 and 10.

Prompt #6 - Crack Fic, 01.

Prompt #7 - Dark Fic, 04 and 10.

Prompt #8 - Baby Fic, 05 and 09.

Prompt #9 - Fluffy, 02 and 08.

Prompt #10 - Death Fic, 01 and 03.

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Lol, this turned into a big block of death!

6-Dean Pelton

Prompt #1 - First Date, Troy and the Dean

Whether it was the shimmering gown or the bald head shining under the disco ball, Troy knew that this date would be quite memorable.

Prompt #2 - Angst, Britta

Britta thought she’d be fine, until she sat alone at a table tracing faded axe marks, wishing for even the worst days gone by.

Prompt #3 - AU, Jeff and Pierce

Jeff looked up into the bright light and felt only peace as his soul soared through the void of light into Pierce’s waiting arms.

Prompt #4 - Threesome, Abed, Dean Pelton and Vicki

Abed nearly had an emotional reaction when he realized the only two to show up for his threesome casting were Vicki and the Dean.

Prompt #5 - Hurt/Comfort, Shirley and Neil.

“I hated being fat too, Neil, but I learned to love myself for who I was and let God take care of the rest.”

Prompt #6 - Crack Fic, Jeff.

Jeff stared up at the gaping hole in his ceiling thinking to himself, “I wonder if this leads to the Delta Quadrant.”

Prompt #7 - Dark Fic, Troy and Neil.

“I thought we saved you,” Troy sobbed as he stood over Neil’s lifeless body, a slack rope twisted around his bruised and battered neck.

Prompt #8 - Baby Fic, Shirley and Vicki

“Vicki, once you’ve given birth in an Anthropology classroom to a hopefully not-half-Asian baby, nothing about pregnancy freaks you out anymore.”

Prompt #9 - Fluffy, Annie and Pierce

Annie smiled as she put her Hanukah gift from Pierce on her dresser, feeling proud of her old friend for his newest tolerance breakthrough.

Prompt #10 - Death Fic, Jeff and Abed

Jeff sat slumped against Abed’s grave, sipping a bottle of scotch and wishing he could talk to Radar just one more time.

Holy Frick this wrinkled my brain!

1. Annie
8. Garrett
9. Annie Kim
10. Britta

Prompt #1 - First Date, 04 and 06. Troy and Shirley
"Pierce just set us up on a blind date cause we're both black!"

Prompt #2 - Angst, 07.Starburns
Its just really stressful you know, knowing deep down you're someone behind the stars

Prompt #3 - AU, 01 and 08. Annie & Garrett
Dr Garrett reporting, Annie Edison seems to be coping with her decent into madness, will report back with more findings,

Prompt #4 - Threesome, 03, 06 and 09. Magnitude Shirely Annie Kim
A threesome well you know what comes next... pop pop!

Prompt #5 - Hurt/Comfort, 05 and 10. Dean and Britta
Now Britta I know psychology didn't work out be will find you something you can excel in.

Prompt #6 - Crack Fic, 01. Annie
She was looking over the remains of her fellow study group, drenched in blood, when she noticed something sticking out of her purse, "Oh there's my pen."

Prompt #7 - Dark Fic, 04 and 10. Troy & Britta
You've called me the opposite of Batman for the last time, the gunshot rang through the study room.

Prompt #8 - Baby Fic, 05 and 09. Dean Annie Kim
You know its psychically impossible for you to have Jeff Winger's child.

Prompt #9 - Fluffy, 02 and 08. Jeff Garrett
I know this election has been tough on you Garrett,handing him a $5 bill, so why don't you get some ice cream on me.

Prompt #10 - Death Fic, 01 and 03. Annie Magnitude
Tears fell from her eyes as she reads the epitaph 'Pop Pop!'

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