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Incident Report (Conclusion)
Jeff had no idea where he was. He had been driving the group to Morty's Steakhouse for the after-graduation party, there had been a flash of light and suddenly...he was here, wherever the hell that was.

The concrete cell that Jeff currently found himself in was completely empty. There wasn't even a bed or a chair around to break the grey monotony. Still disoriented from his sudden change of surroundings, he cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted.

"Hello?! Annie?! Abed?! Britta?! Anyone?!" His voice was absorbed by the walls, and he groaned and tried again. "Is anyone out there?! Any..." 

"Jeff?! Is that you?!" It was Annie's voice.

Confused, he looked around, and he was simultaneously relieved and embarrassed to spot a door on the other side of the room, painted so that it was blending in with the wall. There was no handle, but, as Jeff got closer, he could see a tiny peephole.

Looking through it and out into the prison-like hall, Jeff saw another door directly across. "Annie?" He called out.

"Yes! Thank God, are you okay?"

Her voice was muffled, but he was able to faintly make out what she was saying. "Yeah, I'm fine. What about you?"

"I'm good. Where are the others?"

"I...I don't know."

"What is this place?"

Jeff sought an answer better than a simple 'I don't know,' but he couldn't find one.

* * * * *

Both he and Annie searched in vain for an escape, but to no avail. They conversed, but their conversations were filled with mere empty platitudes, meant to be comforting but never quite succeeding. Most of the time, their thoughts turned to their friends. Where were they? Was it possible that they were fine, left behind while only Jeff and Annie were taken (at least, as fine as a person can be when they find themselves in a moving car that suddenly had no driver)?


Jeff looked up at the sudden noise, and he went to the peephole.

Two tall, grave-looking men, dressed in pure white suits, had opened Annie's door. One of them pulled out a long, cruel-looking needle.

"HEY!" Jeff pounded on the door as they walked in Annie's cell. Whatever was happening was hidden from his view, but, from Annie's screams, it wasn't good.

He desperately tried to kick the door to his cell down as her screams died away, but he only ended up with a sore foot. He looked out again, and saw a woman, also dressed in white, wheel a hospital bed into his line of sight. He watched impotently as Annie was placed on the bed and rolled away.

He took some comfort in the fact that one of the men was now bleeding profusely from a broken nose.

* * * * *

An hour or so passed, and Jeff's door opened. He stood up, ready for a fight. Unfortunately, even though he was tall and in great shape, he wasn't exactly a fighting champion, and they overpowered him easily.

It didn't help that there was six of them this time.

There was a sharp pain in his neck, and everything went dark.

* * * * *

The first thing he noticed when he awoke was a faint crackling sound. As consciousness returned, more sounds were noticed: A soft fluttering noise, electrical buzzes, the faint murmur of voices.

"...where will we place the blonde..."

"...these things running around, the Foundation will be too busy to come looking for..."

"...the old man's DNA rejected the..."

" able to trace them back to us? They..."

"Hey, this one's waking up!"

Jeff's eyes shot open, and he looked wildly around. He was in some sort of operating room, strapped to a table. A bunch of professional, doctor-looking people scattered around, one of them leaning over into his face.

Jeff's confusion gave way to fear. "Where the hell am I?! What did you do with my friend?!" He struggled wildly, and the scientist (or whatever he was) smiled sardonically.

"You're finally awake. Good. Now we can begin."

Two attendants began wheeling Jeff's table towards the door, and he continued to struggle. "Where are you taking me?!"

No one answered as they entered the next room, and Jeff fell silent as he saw what had happened to his friends. They hadn't escaped.

Abed lay in a fetal position in a large, transparent cage. He was completely naked, and his skin had a pale, pulsing glow. As the bed passed, Jeff saw that Abed's shoulder blades had long, bone-like structures sticking out of them. A feather grew out of one of them.

Troy was in a similar cage, and, for a brief, horrifying moment, Jeff thought that he was on fire. Actually, as they drew nearer, he saw that Troy's skin appeared to be flickering and waving like flames. "Troy!" he called.

"He can't hear or see you," one of the orderlies said, sounding bored as they passed the rest of the study group.

Britta was transparent, and she moved with a strange, liquid-like undulations. Pierce was impossibly large, huddled in the corner of his cage. Shirley was emaciated and appeared to glide above the ground, her legs slightly transluscent.

Annie was the worst: She didn't even look human anymore.

"You...You turned them into monsters," Jeff muttered, too stunned to feel much of anything.

"Naw, the transformations aren't complete yet."


"Aw, it doesn't matter. What does matter is that you're about to become one as well."


Formerly - Currently

1. Annie Edison - SCP-811

2. Abed Nadir - SCP-469

3. Troy Barnes - SCP-457

4. Britta Perry - SCP-054

5. Shirley Bennett - SCP-280

6. Pierce Hawthorne - SCP-082

7. Jeff Winger SCP-096


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